NTRAK Roster

Module Name Type Module type Built by
ADM Grain 4' Straight Brian Sadler
Ampere Station, NJ 12' (2 x 6') Straight Don Cariss
Appalachian Coal 4' Straight Pete Slugg
Breakneck Mountain, NY 8' (2 x 4') Straight David Derway, David McDowell
Coco Forest Junction Joel McCurry
Covered Bridge Corner 4' Corner Dan Harker, Linwood Wells
Crossovers 6' Straight Jim Anderson
Curves 12' (2 x 6') Straight Joel McCurry
DeMasi Wreck 4' Inside corner Don Cariss
Dismal Swamp 4' Straight John Wallis
FitzGerald Yard 12' (2 x 6') Straight David Derway, Dave Thompson, Jim Kalenowski, Joe Peacock, Paul Ohegyi
Foster Module 4' Straight Bruce Falkner
Geezer Gate 4' Lift Bridge David Derway
Gold Hill Corner 4' Corner Linwood Wells
Gray Rock Corner 4' Corner Jim Anderson, Jim Kalenowski, Joe Peacock, Paul Ohegyi
Hathaway Ridge 4' Straight Dave Thompson, Christopher Thompson
High Bridge 4' Bridge Joel McCurry, Dave Thompson, Joe Peacock
Locomotive Service Facility 8' (2 x 4') Straight with industrial siding Linwood Wells
Lollipop Farm 6' Reverse loop Dave Thompson
Long Bridge 8' (2 x 4') Bridge David Derway, David McDowell
Loopy Junction Junction Joel McCurry
Main Street 4' Straight Mark Blaustein
Marion, NC Straight David Koss
McKeithan Creek Straight John Czarny
North East, PA 8' (2 x 4') Straight Don Cariss
North Raleigh Corner 4' Corner Don Cariss
Raleigh Yard Junction
Red Rock Junction 8' x 4' Junction (Corner + Spine) Dave Thompson
Rockin' Toxin 8' (2 x 4') Straight David Derway
Rudy Valley 4' Straight Rudy Hines
Sturtevant, WI 8' (2 x 4') Straight Jim Reske
Traxtown Ridge, PA 2' Straight Tom Fredenberg
Why a Duck 4' Straight Mark Blaustein



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